Headshot Session Tips

As a headshot photographer I get asked often about why people need to update their image and if I have any headshot session tips. So here is some information that can help make your next session successful.

Anytime you get in front of the camera there can be feelings of uncertainty or even some serious questions about your session. Here is a collection of information to help answer some questions.

Professionals should have a professional image that matches their company or personal branding. This sets the tone for how people perceive you, so make sure it conveys the message you want to send. Looking to do business with someone can lead to doing a digital dig on them via platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn, and you want the first impression to be the best. Your profile picture can set a precedent on how you are viewed and luckily it is something you are totally in control of (so get your image updated).

You should be updating your headshot about every 1-2 years or whenever you change your look. Actors and models may need to update more often than this. You want your image to be an accurate representation of who you are right now. If you are using a 10 year old image this can create doubt when you finally meet someone in person, you want people to view you as confident and approachable. Having a solid image for your LinkedIn profile is just as important as having proper spelling and grammar on your resumé. Check out this Forbes article highlighting the importance of your image.

Now that you are ready for a headshot session there can be a lot of questions on how to be prepared. These next few sections will help to answer some frequently asked questions.


Bring a variety of outfits to choose from about, 8-10 different looks. Think about how you want people to view you and what you normally wear. If you were to receive an award at work what would you wear that day? Something professional and something a little casual works well too. Solid colors work well for just about everything. Patterns can get distracting sometimes so if the top has a pattern less is more here. Tops that expose the shoulders should be approached with caution. These garments can give the appearance that you are not wearing a top if the picture is cropped a certain way.

Prep for Your Session in the Studio
Preparing for Your Headshot Session
Preparation is Key for Great Results