Creative Collaboration for Success

Creative Collaboration Some people hear this and go into a frozen paralyzed state while others go off into a dimension we could have never dreamed of. I have always admired people who could be creative in great detail, seemingly off the top of their head. This past week I [...]

Headshot Session Tips

Headshot Session Tips As a headshot photographer I get asked often about why people need to update their image and if I have any headshot session tips. So here is some information that can help make your next session successful. Anytime you get in front of the camera there [...]

Why You Need a Professional Headshot

Your Headshot Really Matters Let’s be honest, a headshot is usually an afterthought for most professionals. The fact is though, your headshot matters. Why do you need a professional headshot? Outside of actors and models people don’t usually put a lot of fore thought into their headshot and unfortunately [...]

Las Vegas Conference Survival Guide

Las Vegas Conference Survival Guide At some point if you do business you can find yourself in Las Vegas for a business conference, meeting or trade show. It really makes sense as Las Vegas is home to the most hotel rooms anywhere and 5th in space for [...]

Building a Portfolio and Getting Booked

Building a Portfolio and Getting Booked One of the reasons I love living in Las Vegas is that it is the entertainment capital of the world. Casinos, concerts, and over the top entertainment at every turn and for every genre. The entertainment industry is robust and ever changing. The [...]