Creative Collaboration

Some people hear this and go into a frozen paralyzed state while others go off into a dimension we could have never dreamed of. I have always admired people who could be creative in great detail, seemingly off the top of their head. This past week I had the chance to work with some amazing talent and get creative. I’m not going to lie, at first I was apprehensive and unsure if I could do any justice to this team. I have never worked with a henna artist before and wasn’t sure what to expect. My portion of the project was the least time consuming portion so I felt I had to get a good variety of looks to put in a equal worth (spoiler alert- we got a lot of great looks!). 

With anything it is easy to get stuck into a mundane rut of comfort and predictability. The same thing day in and day out. Luckily with photography you can dream up just about anything to try and see what happens. With this project we did just that. Our model Kirsty was very well versed in posing and very patient throughout the henna process. Chetna our henna artist showed her 20 years of artistry experience as she free handed the designs and told us great stories about how she came to be a henna artist in Las Vegas. Meanwhile Michelle our makeup artist went to work on Kirsty in her usual detailed fashion. The precision of the work happening before me was just something to admire.

Then I learned something going through this process, creativity is directly related to experience and confidence. It is always not from some naturally born gift that is hard wired into your brain. Granted some people are naturally gifted with creative thoughts, but in most cases creativity can come from experience and confidence. Two things that each person is capable of acquiring on their own, even if they were not born with the natural abilities. This experience and confidence embolden you to try new things which is at the core of creative thinking.

For me this session was an explosion of creative forces all rolled into one great final result. It felt great to get out of my comfort zone and do something different. I think sessions like this will become a regular thing now.