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Headshots for Your Team on Location at Your Las Vegas Area Office

Do you need headshots for your entire management or executive team but want to save everyone time? Are you concerned about the logistics needed to get on location headshots scheduled and taken? Is a consistent Brand and style for your corporate team headshots important? You have come to the right place! I can help you solve these challenges with my headshot service at your office location.

I will bring my equipment to your Las Vegas area office and update your teams headshots in one engagement. Businesses I work with find this to be the most efficient and high-quality approach. In just one session, your entire management team will look their very best for the Company. Also, your teams headshots will be consistent and shot with a style that speaks your brand. I follow a very detailed and efficient process to ensure minimal disruption in your operations. Most importantly, your management teams headshots will put forth a confident and high-quality image for the Company.

Update images for everyone in your office or for your convention or trade show booth. Attending or hosting and event for a trade show or convention? Add headshots, personal branding, and marketing capabilities to your booth experience. There are numerous layers of marketing, social media content and sponsorship opportunities with quality headshots and portraits.

  • Get consistency for your team
  • Cohesive branding and marketing
  • Team members feel invested and valued
  • Sponsorship opportunities for conventions and trade shows
Las Vegas Headshots at Your Business Location
Stress Free Headshots On Location for Your Employees
On Location Headshots Style is Consistent

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Corporate Headshots on Location near Clark County, NV

Stress Free Experience

I support your corporate headshot project from start to finish with custom booking portals for your employees. Also included are my professional preparation materials to distribute. I provide the highest level of passion and detail to get the best image from every employee. Your on location headshots will be amazing and done on schedule. Most importantly, I will make your role as the corporate headshot coordinator as stress free and painless as possible.

I will take care of everything. I bring my professional equipment to your office and create a Studio there. The on location headshot session only requires a small conference room or 12×12 area. Your team will select their most amazing images right on site. I keep the session on schedule and only take about 10 minutes per employee.

Your Teams Best Headshots

Like most services, there is an extreme range of care and quality out in the corporate headshots on location market. I understand there may be cheap options out there. However, do you really want to risk your time, money and reputation for this headshots on location project?

The advantage of my on location headshots process is focusing heavily on coaching each employee. I want to bring out their confidence and true authentic personality and combine that with your Company Brand and style. Once I have shot all the headshots for your employees, we will review them individually and together. I will provide more coaching if necessary. I am 100% committed to your Company’s goals and the look you need..

Consistency Matters

My goal will be to shoot images that are consistent for your Brand and style. In fact, I am capable of keeping your requested headshot style across time zones and locations. Yes, even in different states or offices I will get it done. Better yet, I take pride in each employee’s headshot. I want the best headshot for each employee and the right look across the team. I do not give up until we meet this goal together.

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