In Studio Sessions

My in Studio headshot and portrait session with you is going to be painless and a lot of fun. I will make you forget the anxiety of being in front of my camera. There will be no forced unnatural posture, or any rushed pace of a traditional photo shoot. My goal is to capture the best headshot image you will ever take in your life. My Las Vegas Studio is the perfect place to look your best and capture this moment.

In fact, I think the most important part of taking a great headshot is getting to know you. I take the necessary time to understand your goals and passions. This will be a very professional setting under my coaching and direction. Once I learn your goals, I will guide you into a place of complete authenticity and it will be a fulfilling experience.

My Studio Session Process

My in Studio photography process includes preparation and planning that I developed over years of practice behind the camera. Once you are booked, the process begins and I will start preparing you for your session. An important aspect of preparation is getting to know your goals. I am deeply interested in what this headshot means to you. Most importantly, what you intend to accomplish with your new updated headshot.

In Studio Live Photography Session
In Studio Session Headshot Client Image
In Studio Session Headshot Client Image
In Studio Session Headshot Client Image

How Great in Studio Headshots and Portraits are Created

In Studio Session Portrait Client Image
In Studio Session Portrait Client James


As we prepare for your in Studio session, we’ll adjust your wardrobe and add any finishing touches to your hair & makeup. Prior to any photo shooting, I want you to feel great and look your best. I also will be doing some technical work and eliminating any possibilities of distracting glare.


The uniqueness of my process is focusing heavily on coaching you. I want to bring your confidence and true authentic personality to the forefront. Once I have shot a series of images, we will review them together. I will provide more coaching if necessary. I will do what it takes to capture your best look.

The Photo Shoot

Then, the shooting begins. I will be coaching you directly to find your best look. This is the look that achieves your goals for your photo shoot. I will be asking you to try a variety of angles, looks, and emotions. Don’t worry, I will keep this casual and you will remain relaxed. You can feel confident, all the pressure is on me to capture the perfect moment and best headshot you have ever taken.

Final Touches

Following this, I will collaborate with you on final touches for production. We will make final image choices. Once finished, your high resolution files will be sent to your secure client portal. Your client portal is where you can view the selections. You can simply download the images and use them were needed.

Select Your Images

Another goal I have is to ensure this is a cost effective and valuable endeavor for you. The value of your best headshot is truly priceless. Meaning, I just cannot put a price on beaming confidence and an amazing first impression. However, I do keep the session and image fee separate so you have complete control.

You control the overall cost by selecting the amount of images you need and can afford. I will help you purchase as many as you need with no minimum or maximum. I keep the entire in Studio process simple and easy for you. I will ensure you do not under or over commit on the amount of images you need.

“I will get to know you and that will put you at ease in front of the camera. I bring attention to detail and positive energy to your headshot or portrait session so we get the best results.”

Josh Line – Studio Owner & Photographer

Josh Line Studio Owner and Photographer