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How do you ensure your next headshot brings your authentic look to life? Just call (702) 557-2709 now for a free headshots consultation with Josh Line or read on further. Below are helpful tips on finding the best Henderson headshot photographer.

You may have tried to find a professional headshots photographer but ended up with a confusing list of photography businesses. They all seem to offer similar quality headshots. How do you differentiate or choose which is the best value for your money? How do you know if you will be comfortable with your photographer? Finally, what professional characteristics must be present to choose the best Henderson headshots photographer for you?

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The Focus on You

Photographers rarely if ever come across people who say “Absolutely yes, I love having my photo taken!” So, how do you choose a photographer that makes it fun? It is important to look for a Henderson headshot photographer that takes time to understand what your needs are. They can do this upfront either with a free pre-shoot consultation or pre-shoot questionnaire.

This shows that they care enough to take the time to understand what is important to you. This will allow them to focus on making sure they capture what is important to YOU. They will also make you forget that there is a camera in front of you. When you are not focused on the Henderson headshots photographer or the camera the REAL YOU appears and the magic happens.

The Value of Your Henderson Headshot

Exudes Professionalism

Everyone has a smartphone with a camera they can use to take a headshot. I am sure you have seen several of these images being used by friends and associates on their social media sites or business websites. You can easily spot the difference between a headshot taken on a smartphone and one taken by an expert. While the cost of the smartphone photo is free, the difference is very dramatic. Also, it conveys a completely different message about the person’s professionalism. If you want your headshot to stand out for its professionalism, get it taken by a professional Henderson headshots photographer. It is a small investment with a significant return.

Promotes Your Brand

What message do you want to promote to clients and colleagues? Your headshot is an important key to open doors for your career and networking. This photo is the logo of your personal brand. Are you still not convinced you should use a professional Henderson photographer? Especially when you can just get a friend or family member to take free Henderson headshots? An expert photographer knows their craft (composition, lighting, posing, post-production editing, etc.). They will make sure your photo conveys your personal brand message.

Creates Positive First Impression

We have all heard the saying that you never get a second chance to make a first impression. In fact, a first impression can determine our career leadership opportunities. Is this really true? Well, it all starts with charisma. According to a 2017 University of Toronto charisma study, it only takes as little as five seconds whether a person is charismatic. This is while watching a silent video of that person delivering a speech. People who looking their best and displayed more eye contact among other factors were rated as more charismatic. Furthermore, this perception of charisma predicted whether the person appeared to be a leader of people. Leadership roles generally pay higher than individual contributor roles. Make sure your first impression is created by a professional Henderson headshots photographer. The result is priceless.

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3 Things to Consider When Choosing a Henderson Headshots Photographer

#1 Review Galleries and Portfolio

Patiently review the photographer’s portfolio very carefully for looks of confidence, genuine expression, and a generally approachable human in each of the photos in their portfolio. Consistency is the goal here; if this Henderson headshot photographer cannot create a headshot portfolio that contains confident, approachable and genuine people in every single photo, then most likely they cannot do that for you. In fact, the more consistent the portfolio, the better your chances of getting your best image.

#2 Speak with the Photographer Directly

Talk to the Henderson headshots photographer on the phone (don’t just email them) and ask them how the session will flow. Also ask them how they will coach and direct you during the headshot session. Any questions or defensiveness about the question, or terse answers that the Henderson headshots photographer cannot seem to explain any further are quite possibly indicators that they really have zero plans to bring your best out of you and capture that image. Ask them what will happen if you hire them and you weren’t happy with the photos. In fact, Josh has dedicated times for pre-shoot consultations so you can ask any question.

#3 Check Ratings and Henderson Headshots Reviews

Check ratings and reviews and reach out to one or two of their past clients if that’s possible. Look for clues in the review of how the photographer approaches the person. See if the feedback resonates with your expectations. It’s challenging to run a photography business. But, often things like nice websites and client reviews are not things that a part-time Henderson headshots photographer will have time to accomplish. Five or ten solid reviews can represent that the photographer is a professional and capable of delivering your genuine and authentic self in a professional image.

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How to Choose a Henderson Headshot Photographer

Finding any local Henderson, NV headshot photographer in area is easy. Finding the RIGHT professional photographer is more challenging.

Find the Expert

It is challenging to choose a Henderson headshots photographer that will make you look and feel amazing. This is because these photo shoots are not as simple as setting up an expensive camera with good lighting equipment and asking a person to smile. A photographer that is primarily focused on headshots takes a very specific and focused approach. They have the skills and experience to create amazing Henderson headshots.

When to be Weary

When looking for a professional photographer be weary of the Henderson headshots photographer that shows you many photos of unrelated work with only a few headshots in their portfolio. This tends to be a sign that their focus is on other areas of photography like wedding, sports, automotive, and landscape photography business.

Professional Henderson Headshots are Complex

Professional headshots are quite a bit more complex than having a nice camera and lighting equipment and asking someone to smile. In fact, it takes an amazing camera, top quality professional lighting and the skills to use them to their fullest. These are far less than half of the qualifications required to create professional and effective Henderson headshots.

What Your Photographer Needs to Do

Ultimately, it comes down to finding a professional Henderson headshots photographer that you are comfortable with so that they can capture your best looks. The best images show you as relaxed, confident and approachable. This is almost entirely due to the headshot photographers coaching and directing skills. These are skills that need to be developed and practiced in a very targeted manner over time. Many Henderson headshots photographers underestimate or even overlook entirely the importance of these skills.

Get Your Best Look Ever

To get your best look, your photographer needs to be interested in and passionate about YOU! The right Henderson headshots photographer will use their experience, skills and charisma to bring out the best elements of your expression. These things make you special and unique. They will be patient with you and create a comfortable atmosphere so when your best elements do present themselves, BOOM, the shot is taken at the moment you look your best.

Photographer as a Multi-Tasker

The right Henderson headshot photographer for you must recognize any anxiousness or shyness in their clients. They understand how to address those problems while simultaneously doing everything else that they need to do (lighting, camera settings, posing / directing, etc…). This is what makes headshot photography best left to those with years of experience. Expert Henderson headshots photographers have developed skills in this photography niche.

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“I will get to know you and that will help you relax in front of my camera. I practice a coaching approach and bring positive energy to your headshot or portrait session so we capture your best look ever.”

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