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How important is a headshot?

How do you view yourself? Is it the same way that others view you? How do you want people to view you? These are questions to consider when establishing your business presence. Whether we like it or not people are sizing us up and making judgements before we ever meet. I’m sorry to say that, that’s just the way things work. Although I am happy to say that there is something we can do about how people view us. We don’t have to just sit back and let people decided what they are going to think about us. Tell them who you are. Fill in the blanks. Plant the right ideas before you ever meet someone.

Your online presence speaks volumes to others. What will your presence say? Will you be confident and command attention or will you be diminished and hope for their favor? How you look is not just what you wear but the expression, lighting, and wardrobe all work together to say who you are. So what are you saying? The better question is, what do you want to say to everyone who sees you? Well that depends on what kind of work you are in.

If you are a CEO of a Fortune 500 company you will have a different presence than a social media manager for a local coffee shop. While both professions are vastly different a  good headshot photographer will be able to handle each clients needs to help maximize the presence they want to project.



Professional headshot

Let’s take a look at a few examples of how a headshot projects different types of presence. Below are two examples of headshots that are more dramatic than the average commercial headshot. The male on the left has a strong presence but the hint of a smile shows that he is not unapproachable. The female on the right shows a dramatic mood in her expression as if she is about to speak. Notice the connection with the eyes in both images and how subtle differences can change the mood.


Las Vegas Headshot Studio Client
fashion headshot

Different looks for difference purposes. Knowing your intent really helps but is not required. We can create options with looks and moods and I can help guide you for specific industry and audience.

Everyone is capable of having a great headshot that displays confidence and a approachable demeanor. Make sure you are getting a photographer that knows how to do just that. First impressions happen before you meet. Maximize every aspect of your presence to increase your chances of making a solid first impression.

Thanks to my friend Jon Meadows for helping with this content. His headshot work has been inspirational

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